KinderParadies Security deposit

Security Deposit

Download the document and please fill out and return to us

Because our places are strictly limited, we have been forced into a credit card security deposit policy. Your credit card will act as a security deposit to hold your reservation. The card is not charged unless you simply fail to show without cancellation. You will find the terms explained below.


If for some reason you need to cancel your reservation BEFORE you arrive, then you will be under no obligation to the Kinderparadies whatsoever.

If you need to cancel the reservation AFTER you arrive in Zermatt but before you begin at the Kinderparadies, then we will deduct two full days from the pre-arranged fee for your nursery care and free you from any other further payments of your pre-booked reservation with us.

Any later cancellations made during your stay (sickness, accident, etc.) will result in one full day charge for the day of cancellation and only a 50 % refund for the unused days thereafter. A doctor’s line stating that the child is sick and cannot attend will be necessary in order to claim for this refund.

I have read, understand and agree to the above terms:

Name_______________________________ Signature___________________________

Credit Card Details for prepayment

Name of credit card ___________________________________

Number ___________________________________ CFF Number ________

Expiry date ________________

Cardholder’s full name ____________________________________________(as it appears on the card)

Please send signed document by email to

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