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Frequently Asked Questions about the KinderParadies in Zermatt

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We consider it our utmost responsibility to care and look after your children while they visit with us at the Kinderparadies in Zermatt. We realize that the decision to give your child up to nursery care is not an easy one and we do everything possible to make your child’s day here in Zermatt just as rewarding and fun-filled as your own. We hope to answer most of your questions with the selection of frequently asked questions below:

Where is the Kinderparadies in Zermatt?

Approximately 200 meters north of the main train station we are located at Spissstrasse 23. We are on the left side of the road, opposite from Hotel Arca Solebad.

How big is the Kinderparadies?

We have an interior play area that is more than 300 m2. It is multi-levelled being split between an upstairs play area for infants (under 18 months) and a multi purpose play area built from Soft Play. We have slides, ball pits, mats, games, a LEGO corner, a Barbie corner, an arts & crafts area, a story telling lounge area, as well as an eating and a separate sleeping area.

During the winter months we have use of the outdoor camping area which is adjacent to our building. This is where we set up an outdoor fun area with sledging, igloos, snow tunnels.

Does the Kinderparadies have local children attending the nursery?

We are a fully accredited nursery in town AND an official pre-school nursery for Zermatt. We have local children who attend throughout the whole year, whereas the guest children usually book for 5 – 6 full or half days depending on the age of the child.

How many children can the Kinderparadies hold?

During the winter months we have 10 – 12 full time staff which look after around 30 – 35 children. In the summer we have considerably fewer children for full day nursery care, so that the average number is usually no more than 15 – 20 children with the number of staff reduced accordingly.

From what age can children attend the Kinderparadies?

Children from 3 months of age onwards can attend the weekly nursery open for guests.
The number of places for the smaller infants is limited due to the added attention required by babies – changing of diapers, bottles to prepare, separate feeding times, naptime, etc.

What is the staff to child ratio?

Normally we have 2-3 infants (under 18 months) per nursery teacher. Depending on the time of year and the child, sometimes we have one baby to one nursery teacher. The usual ratio with the older children (after 18 months) is 4 – 6 per nursery teacher.

Are all of the child minders fully certified?

As part of our operating license with the state government, a minimum of 2/3 of our staff are fully certified nursery teachers. Over and above, that we have apprentices doing the practical part of their 3 year study to become nursery teachers also working with us. Any non –certified staff have several years of personal experience, if not also being a mother of children as well.

What is a typical day at the Kinderparadies?

During the morning between 9 – 10 .a.m., when the children are arriving, we usually have an unstructured playtime with the children getting to know each other, as well as getting to explore the Kinderparadies. At around 10.00 a.m. we introduce ourselves. Then we split into smaller groups usually for arts and crafts. There is a group circle with singing and games before lunch.

Our meals are freshly prepared daily from Hotel Alpen Resort – a four star hotel just across the street. We usually eat at around 11.30. After lunch, the younger children take naps, while the older children get ready to go outside in the winter or prepare for the summer program activity during the summer holidays. The inside activities include a large fun park area with slides, tubes and ball pits by Softplay, tumbling mats, Barbie corner, Lego area, arts & crafts corner, story-time area as well as a separate area for the toddlers away from the other children.

Do the children play outside?

With few exceptions, we get outside every day with the children – the older ones play in the snow, sledge down the slopes, etc. whereas even the smaller children are taken for walks in their strollers. During the winter months it is important that the children have appropriate warm clothing for outside: snow boots, hats, gloves and sunglasses.

What do you do with the babies?

We try and keep the smaller children to their same routines – as much as this is possible. For this reason we have you provide your own formula for the bottles as well as any baby foods that the children are eating. Feeding times and nap times are noted separately for each child. Allergies and any other problems or concerns are also duly noted. For any emergency we require that a mobile phone number be provided so that the parents may be notified if needed. Sick children will not be accepted for child care and in the event that your child becomes sick during the day, then we expect for one of the parents to pick the child up at their earliest convenience. The small infants are kept in a specially designed soft play area with activities conducive to their age and level of experience.

What languages are spoken at the Kinderparadies?

The following languages are spoken at the Kinderparadies: German, English, French and Italian and Portuguese.

Does the price include food and drinks?

The full day rates include snacks in the morning and afternoon as well as lunch. The half day morning session includes lunch and the half day afternoon session includes a snack. The lunches are prepared daily from the Hotel Alpen Resort, just across the street.

What about allergies?

Allergies are noted and accommodated where possible, i.e. allergies to nuts or no meats, etc. However we cannot accept special dietary needs and if the children are not able to eat the food that is prepared daily for us, then we ask that you provide your own food, snacks, etc.

What are the average ages of the other children?

The average age of most children is between 2 – 5 years of age. Our age groups start from 3 months and goes as high as 6 years of age.

Is there a separate sleeping area?

Yes, we have separate sleeping areas – upstairs for the toddlers and downstairs for the older children.

Do you also provide Babysitting services in the evening?

Most of the staff are willing to babysitting in the evening. This service is charged separately and paid directly to the babysitter in question. This service is sought after by many of our guests and is strictly provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Can we rent strollers, travel bed, highchairs, etc.?

We have a limited number of strollers available as well as a high chair and a travel bed for rent. This must be arranged BEFORE your arrival to the Kinderparadies.

Do you offer skiing?

We are NOT a ski school. During the winter months we have the older children (from walking age) outside every day, which is why it is important to have the proper winter clothing. The local ski schools take children from 4 years of age and we personally do not recommend sending the children before that age to ski school. If you start too early with ski school and the children have a bad experience, then you will regret the decision for years to come, as it will be very difficult to get your children to “want” to learn how to ski again. Thus, our recommendation is wait a year and let the children have fun in the snow with us before “forcing” them at too young an age to learn skiing. There are of course exceptions to every rule. Most often if the children have older brothers or sisters, then the desire to learn skiing and be part of the family is stronger and these children can already try at 3 ½ for example. We have had plenty of parents who tried to put their children in ski school and then booked with us after 2 days of continuing problems.

What is the summer program?

During the local summer holidays from school, we offer a 3 hour program each afternoon. This can be either booked separately or is automatically included in the half and full day nursery rates. The program is always listed on our website and available at most hotel receptions, the tourist office or directly from us at the Kinderparadies. With enough children, we try and split the activities into 2 age groups: from 3 – 5 years of age and from 5 – 8 years of age. The summer program is suited for children up to 8 years of age. We offer various programs from Monday to Saturday.

Security Deposit

During the winter and due to the limited number of places available, all reservations are subject to the filling in of the security deposit. When booking with us during the winter, you will receive a special form that requires your credit card details in order to insure that your reservation is properly confirmed. The information is held for last minute cancellations that cannot be refunded. Your card is not actually charged before you arrive, but we hold the information in case of people who have booked with us but do not show up for their reserved place.


All of our rates are in Swiss Francs. We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, American Express & Mastercard. We also accept Maestro cards and most foreign currencies. Foreign exchange rates will be calculated at the bank rate for that individual day and any rates quoted in Euros are simply for reference use only, as the exchange rate can change daily. Refunds will only be made with doctor’s line starting on the second day of sickness. Cancellations on the same day still incur the full charge.

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